1. No Sledgehammer Ghosts in 2002 (v2) Tucson


  2. Broadway & Campbell. Tucson


  3. May 2014. Tucson


  4. Mariachi band. San Augustin Mercado, Tucson.


  5. Alley Fire. Tucson


  6. Tucson


  7. This guy. 5pm. Tucson


  8. This guy. 9pm. Tucson


  9. Bus stop & beers. Tucson


  10. Ft Lowell Road. Tucson


  11. Ramerican flag. Tucson


  12. Notes left on stuff #3. Tucson


  13. Beware of dog. South Tucson


  14. Tucson Greyhound Park. 1 of only 21 tracks left in the US. This dump should be shut down.

    From Wikipedia: Greyhound racing is not a viable financial industry. Between 2001 and 2011, the total amount gambled on greyhound racing nationwide declined by 67%. In fact, gambling on dog races has declined for twenty consecutive years.

    In Florida, where 12 of the 21 operational dog tracks in the US remain, the financial decline is even more significant. In the state, the amount gambled at dog tracks declined by 72% between 1990 and 2013. According to a study commissioned by the legislature, the state lost between $1 million and $3.3 million on greyhound racing in 2012.

    TGP is not doing as well as Florida.


  15. Tucson Greyhound Park. This dump is 1 of only 21 tracks left in the US. I’m against it (for what its worth)